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Course Maps

New Courses for 2018

We have been busy designing, measuring and certifying all our new courses for next years 40th Anniversary events.

Half-Marathon 21.1k course

The Half Marathon race will begin beside Queen’s Square and participants will follow St. John Street before turning left on Queen Street and then right onto St. Anne’s Point Drive. Runners and walkers head up the onramp onto the Westmorland Bridge, enjoying the view, and then flying down the off-ramp onto Devonshire Drive. Participants take a right on Union Street, continue to Carleton Park and onto the North Riverside Trail to the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge.

The course turns left on the Nashwaak Trail, then immediately right onto the Gibson Trail. Participants will stay on the Gibson Trail through the back half of the Marysville Loop to McGloin Street, and cross Bridge Street before turning right onto the Nashwaak Trail. The course turns just before the old train bridge and then participants take the Nashwaak Trail back to the Walking Bridge, crossing it, and then following the Lincoln Trail to a right turn on Aberdeen Street, leading to the same finish as last year. 

Marathon 42.2k course

The Full Marathon race runs the Half Marathon course then start the second half as they pass the Finish line turning left onto St. John Street, then left along McLeod Avenue, and onto the Crosstown Trail. Participants turn left onto the Lincoln Trail and cross the Walking Bridge, From this point, the participants will follow the same course as the first lap (turning right on the Gibson Trail and around the Marysville Loop). Participants will cross Bridge Street via the sidewalk on this lap and will turn approximately 1km further out on the Nashwaak Trail.

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10k course

The 10km route is identical to the Half and Full Marathon course until they reach the Nashwaak Trail by the Walking Bridge. Participants continue on the Nashwaak Trail until just before the Canada Street crossing, where they turn and head back to the Walking Bridge. The route continues across the Walking Bridge and along the Lincoln Trail to Aberdeen Street, finishing in front of the Pool.

5k Course

The 5km route is identical until St. Anne’s Point Drive. Participants will continue past the on-ramp to the Westmorland Bridge and turn right onto the South Riverfront Trail. The route follows the South Riverfront Trail to the Walking Bridge, making a right turn on the Lincoln Trail to Aberdeen Street and the finish.

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